Kedarkantha Trek: A Perfect Winter Trek To Revive Your Soul


Are you a trekking lover and want to have the best trekking experience? If yes, then you must definitely plan for the Kedarkantha trek this winter season. India is blessed with so many things right from amazing mountains to breath-taking deep seas. Right amidst the beauty of nature, you can enjoy exciting adventures. Trekking is often considered the most fun-loving and interesting activity that you can enjoy in the lofty mountain ranges. However, when it comes to the Kedarkantha region, is full of snow mountains and thrilling adventure, making it a great idea for you to plan for a Kedarkantha winter trek in Uttarakhand at least once in your lifetime. Considered one of the top winter treks in India, Kedarkantha is one of the rare Himalayan treks that is reachable even during the winter season. In case, you love hiking then the Kedarkantha trek is definitely the most rewarding experience that you can have. Kedarkantha is a fantastic option for you as the location is densely forested Located in Uttarakhand and surrounded by western Garhwal of Uttarkashi district, the base camp of the Kedarkantha trek is Sankri. With a track dotted with thick pine and oak forests, panoramic sights of massive Himalayan peaks, wide-open green meadows, tranquil lakes, and beautiful campsites, the Kedarkantha trek is going to offer you a perfect blend of adventure, challenge, and stunning views as well. 

  • Mythology of Kedarkantha

Just like other destinations in and around Uttarakhand covered in mythological references, Kedarkantha is no special. The most prevalent reference involving the place comes right from Mahabharta. It is claimed that Kedarkantha is the place where Lord Shiva in his bull avatar hunted refuge from the Pandavas and meditated in the valley. But Lord Shiva was disturbed by the locals so he decided to fly towards Kedarnath. The Trishul of Lord Shiva erected at its peak is considered to protect the valley as well as the people residing here.

  • Which is the best time for the Kedarkantha trek?

This trek can be done throughout the year because Kedarkantha is one of the very rare Himalayan treks that is accessible even during the chilly winter months. If you want to enjoy this trek to the fullest then the best time is during the winter months i.e., between December and the end of April. In this way, trekkers get the golden chance to enjoy snowy landscapes and enjoy trekking on the crackling snow. With just the right amount of snow and barren excessive temperature changes, the Kedarkantha trek is not very much challenging which further makes it ideal for first-timers as well. Remember the summit is not only the factor that calls trekkers from across the world but the Kedarkantha trek also offers the enjoyment of supreme clearings and forests.

  • Why you must plan for the Kedarkantha trek?

Kedarkantha is one of the mountain peaks of the Himalayas with a number of clearings visible throughout the entire region. During the snowfall, this area looks like a divine sight full of crystal white glimmer that is fenced by Pine trees beautifully.  In those clearings, you will come across camping sites that give you an opportunity to take a closer look at the mesmerizing scenery. The sunlight coming from between the creaks of the trees is so soothing to the eyes that you cannot afford to miss this view. When it comes to the difficulty scale, this trek is moderate and is perfect for every trek lover, irrespective of their gender, age as well as other constraining factors. The Kedarkantha summit is well-known for its striking view and the ones who have observed it with their eyes claim that they can never forget the marvelous sight of the Kedarkantha summit. If you get the chance to witness something so divine without putting a lot of effort then why miss this amazing opportunity?        

  • What to explore during the kedarkantha trek?

Here is a list of several scenic wonders that you must witness during your Kedarkantha trek. To enjoy the best experiences, you must explore the following places:

Pinnacle View

After reaching the summit, get ready to experience the astounding sight of the Garhwal mountains. While trekking, you will also witness some of the famous mountain peaks like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, and Black Peak. Such a type of view makes your entire struggle of yours to reach the summit extremely worthwhile. Also, get ready to witness the popular Har kin Dun valley while trekking to Kedarkantha peak.

Attractive campsites

During this trek, you will come across the best Himalayan campsites. One of the most beautiful campsites is Khujey, a meadow enclosed within lush-green forests. Bhoja Dadi is also an attractive campsite that is located at a closer distance from the Kedarkantha peak.

The Kotgaon-Kedarkantha route

During your trek to the Kedarkantha summit, don’t forget to pass by Kotgaon as this village is no less than a fairy tale. At the backdrop, you will also witness Devkyara and Har Ki Dun valleys that are sure to treat your eyes. However, don’t prefer this route at the time of snowfall because it is often blocked.  

  • How you can reach the base camp for the Kedarkantha trek?

Sankri is the base camp for this trek. From Dehradun, you can drive to Sankri village which is located at a distance of 198km and take 10-11 hours. There are also direct public buses to Sankri that starts in the early morning i.e. around 5 AM and 7 AM. In case, you miss the bus then don’t worry because there are also connecting buses until Purola or Hanol. From here, you can change to another bus that will drop you at Sankri. You can also opt shared jeep or taxi.  In case, you find difficulty in traveling by bus then you can also hire a taxi or drive your car in order to reach Sankri which takes almost 8 hours. Your 8-hour drive is going to be really refreshing as you will pass through the mesmerizing villages, and experience lush green meadows and snow-covered mountains on the curvy roads. Get ready to pass through the dense forest of pine and oak trees. Along with this, you will also pass through a river flowing beside you and offer you an amazing feeling.



  • What all do you need to pack before going for Kedarkantha trek?

 When you go on a winter trek, especially the Kedarkantha trek, your backpack is going to be heavy. There are a few important things that you must carry with you during the trek. In case, you travel on a regular basis then you can buy all the gear or rent them which is cost-effective. Having premium quality gear is going to make a lot of difference because when you return from the trip your body will be filled with soreness and blister. Here are vital gears that you need to carry with you during your kedarkantha trek.

Waterproof jacket

A good windproof jacket is going to stand like a wall between you freezing to death and that you who had a relaxed snuggly feel while everyone else was shivering. It is also recommended to buy a windproof jacket of good brands which stands out among all the sports gear.


Don’t forget to keep a pair of thermals for yourself because thermals will keep you warm during the chilly weather. If you do not wear proper thermals then cold winds can make you die. Whenever packing for any kind of winter pack, you must pack thermals always.

Trekking shoes

Want your feet to catch a cold? Remember cold feet are one of the most uncomfortable conditions when on a winter trek. Your cold feet will not only ruin your trip but also make it difficult for other trekkers to trek as they need to carry you if you suffer from sore feet during the trip. It is always suggested to invest in a pair of good trekking shoes which is capable of carrying adventurous spirit.


The headlight is helpful in making your way clear in dingy and dark places. One of the best things about the flashlight is, that it acts as a rescue signal and saves you from unplanned accidents. It is just one tool but has multipurpose use. When going for a winter trek, especially the Kedarkantha trek don’t forget to carry a good flashlight because it is a primary tool that all trekkers need to carry with themselves.


A good raincoat is no less than armor because it provides you protection against rain, snow and keeps you dry while trekking. Always choose a sturdy raincoat that fits you and covers you completely. Try carrying a small pouch to store your raincoat when it is not required. Therefore, Kedarkantha is one of the top places that need to be part of your Indian Travel Bucket list. If you wish to experience some striking scenery and thrilling adventure then plan for the Kedarkantha trek this year only.

Trekking essentials to carry during your kedarkantha winter trek :

1) Trekking Shoes (Waterproof, Ankle support)

2) Trekking backpack with raincover (40-60 litre)

3) Small hiking bag (10-20 litre)

4) Jacket : (Down/Padded Jacket)

5) Fleece Clothes

6) Woolen Clothes

7) Thermal Inners (upper & lower)

8) Woolen/Fleece Cap

9) Hand Gloves (Waterproof/Woolen/Fleece)

10) Raincoat/Poncho

11) Trek Pole/Walking Stick

12) Trek Pants (Waterproof)

13) T-Shirts 3 (Collar/Full Sleeves)

14) Socks (4 pairs)

15) Tiffin / Lunch box

16) Power banks

17) Neck Cover/Muffler/ Balaclava

18) 2  water bottles (each 1 litre)

19) Slippers/Floaters (Non-slippery)

20) Hat or sun protection Cap

21) Head Light / Hand torch

22) Sunglasses (UV protected)

23) Personal toiletries kit.

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